It has been more than a decade since I started blogging. I have been inspired by passionate individuals who made me never stop in exploring and finding my niche (I'm still finding that niche at the present, lol). Through sleepless nights of browsing the internet, I found these influencers, brands and communities worth visiting:



Branden Harvey - telling stories of good all over the world and has really goofy hair.

Dean Tucker - a graphic design student who have fallen in love with the art of photography, computer graphics, film making.

Sara Tasker - 25% stylist, 40% photographer, 30% writer and 10% cake, and also terrible at maths.

Freeman Lafleur - a curiosity-driven storyteller and digital strategist.

Justin Livingston - a creative consultant and freelance writer with a focus on fashion and travel.

Keenan Hastings - a blogger and photographer in Detroit.

Nirrimi Joy Firebrace - living a creative life through words, photographs, mamahood, love, music and adventure.

Erin Brooks - a lifestyle and product photographer.

Mahmoud Mfinanga - a Leica photographer and founder of Emmazed.

Le Sycomore - a fashion and lifestyle journal based in New York

Laura Greige - a tea person who loves dogs, festivals, sunsets, the ocean, grainy film photos, and tree-lined driveways.

Rob Bautista - a Filipino illustrator, UI designer, traveler and photojournalist wannabe.

Tricia Gosingtan - a photographer and blogger living in Manila.

Mark Lim - a Filipino-Chinese model and Geeky Nights host.

Victor Basa - a Filipino model, actor, and Geeky Nights host.

Dyan Lang - an online Filipino site showcasing local travels and mobile photography.


Joseph Greer - he specializes in landscape, portraiture, lifestyle, and adventure photography, with an ever growing love for street photography.

Evan Hilton - stop-motion animator, photographer, artist.

Derrick Freske - a portrait and conceptual photographer.

Dylan Furst - an artists whose passion is to capture the outdoor stories and adventures in the Pacific Northwest.

Que Dong - his photography combines intrinsically ordinary with the uncanny.

Erik Kim - he shares some of the lessons he learned in street photography.

Kyle Steed - a photographer who captures the way he sees the world in whatever moment he finds himself.

Claudio Buechi - is quite passionate with movies but and obsessed with anything a camera can do.

Julia Starr - a nature photographer, digital artist, traveler, and tea lover.

Zechariah Lee - a photographer and creative based out in Los Angeles and New York City.

Enrica Brescia - her passions are portraits, fashion, beauty and street photography.

Marko Klahold - a self-taught freelance photographer who focuses on travel, people and fashion.

Marissa Maharaj - a lifestyle, interior and wedding photographer based in Los Angeles.

Molly Moormeier - loves shooting boudoir and maternity sessions.

Pablo Strong - a Project 365-photographer who recently started vlogging.

Evan Boutte - he strives to create beautiful and meaningful art.

Kat Irlin - a Russian-born fashion and portrait photographer based in NYC. 

Nathan Hervieux - considers photography as a passion and above all a means of expression.. 

Emilie Ristevski - a photo-creator, story-teller and wanderer based along the East Coast of Australia.

Toni Garcia - freelance photographer and filmmaker. 

Dallas Kwok - a digital marketer and dislikes ballpoint pens. 

Chairat Sriphirom - freelance photographer, blogger, physician


JacksGap - an online blog and video project that was born from a love of travelling and storytelling.

Tim Kellner - one of the best filmmakers on Youtube.

Matt Day - he shares some general thoughts and advice for other photographers and creatives on Youtube.

Ollie Ritchie - a filmmaker and photographer who loves capturing memories.

Justin Escalona - a dope filmmaker living in Los Angeles who documents his life daily.