To New Beginnings

It's may birthday today.  

And I have decided to finally purchase a Squarespace subscription for one year. It has always been my dream to switch to Squarespace but I was having seconds thoughts since:

  1. It is not free. 
  2. It is expensive. 
  3. I normally don't post regularly. 
  4. Nobody reads my blog. 
  5. I don't write well. 

But... Who cares? :D

  1. Squarespace is the best web host based on my taste and research. 
  2. Yes, it is expensive, but today is my birthday so I think I have the right to spend haha!
  3. I vow to post at least on a weekly basis. 
  4. I don't mind posting without readers. 
  5. Nobody reads my blog.