LoFree Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored content nor a paid endorsement. 


The LoFree Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard is an elegantly gorgeous, retro-inspired modern designed keyboard that looks and sounds like a typewriter. 



The LoFree is a mechanical keyboard which comes with the familiar Apple Magic Keyboard layout as their website states. I got the white keyboard with black-colored keys. 

It is entirely built from plastic but feels very solid and sturdy. At 800 grams, it is pretty heavy; maybe due to the fact that it has built-in rechargeable battery. It is also substantially smaller than a regular desktop keyboard. It has rounded, non-adjustable rubber legs keeping it stable on smooth surfaces.


On the right side of the keyboard is where you'll find server all functions such as the micro-USB port for charging and using to wire-connect to your device, the On/Off/Bluetooth activation toggle, as well as the toggle modes to support Android/PC and Mac/iOS. 


It features rounded key caps arranged like a honeycomb to give LoFree a classic yet contemporary feel. The keyboard is fully backlit which is a nice touch. You can choose between three levels of luminance strengths. 




I did not encounter any problem in setting up the Lofree keyboard on my iOS devices (iPhone 7 Plus and iPad 4). It is easy to pair through Bluetooth. I just activated the Bluetooth pairing on both the keyboard (press fn and 1 keys altogether for about three seconds) then press Connect on the iPhone/iPad.


You can pair the keyboard to up to three devices. Just follow the steps above but press fn+2 keys for the second device, and fn+3 for your third device. Once paired, press the same buttons to toggle between the devices.

I find more mistakes in typing using this keyboard than using the regular Apple or Windows keyboard. It is something that I have to get used to considering its compact size. And before I forget, the typing sound brings back the nostalgic feeling of my younger years when I was still using a mechanical typewriter whenever I have school projects in elementary.


I got this for $129.00 + shipping + customs fee. The introductory price was $74.00 (I think) when it was launched on Indiegogo campaign.